The term "disk space" is sometimes identified as "disk quota" or "data storage", yet all these words refer to the very same thing - the amount of information that you can upload to a shared hosting account. The overall size of what you have is calculated by accumulating the space consumed by all the content within your account, the most apparent being the types of files you upload. Two more things are usually overlooked by various people, though - e-mail messages as well as databases. Larger attachments and databases of huge script-driven websites can often use a lot of storage space as well. To use a more common analogy, the hard drive space of your home computer is used not just by files you download, but additionally by documents you write as well as software programs you add. In the same way, numerous things are counted towards the hdd space your content needs on a website hosting server, not just the uploads.

Disk Space in Shared Hosting

Using our shared hosting plans, you will never concern yourself with hard drive space. While most companies generate accounts using a single server and at some point all the server hdd storage is in use, we have used a cloud website hosting system where the files, emails as well as the databases are taken care of by different groups of servers. In this way, each machine works better because only one kind of processes is working on it, and the disk storage is unlimited because we can always connect extra servers or hard drives to the cluster, based on whether we want more processing power or more space. You'll never encounter a situation in which you cannot upload more files since there's no available disk space on the server, that is a problem you may come across with other suppliers. If you use our web hosting services, you can be sure that shortage of space won't ever be a problem for the progress of your websites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages have "disk space" as a feature just to stress that it is absolutely unrestricted. We were able to reach that by employing a progressive, in-house built cloud hosting system, where your files, emails and databases will be stored on individual clusters of servers. We can easily add additional HDDs or entire servers to any of the clusters and whenever needed, and what's more our web hosting Control Panel is designed to support this type of system. In contrast, nearly all Control Panels on the hosting market can work only on a single server, and irrespective of what various suppliers advertise, they actually create multiple accounts on a single machine. With a semi-dedicated server package from our company, you will never have to concern yourself with disk space restrictions and you are able to focus on developing your sites.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

With the hdd storage that we offer with our dedicated servers, we warrant that you will be able to run every website regardless of its overall size. You'll get a minimum of 500 GB storage space, that you're able to take advantage of the way you see fit - even for personal file storage. By default, you will have 2 hard drives, that can be employed independent of each other, in order to take advantage of their overall capacity, or they can be in RAID so that one will be a copy the second one in real time to make sure that you'll not waste precious information in the event of a hardware fail. You're also given the option to add additional hard drives and upgrade the total hard disk storage at your disposal even more. This will allow you to build a file or image depository portal without a problem if you would like. Thanks to the cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting Control Panels that we offer, you can easily create an individual account for every single website that you host on the server and set an allowance for the storage space it will use. When you go for the third solution, our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel, all of your domains will be operated from a single and they will share the entire server disk storage.